Why Are They Taking Marketing In-House?

Today Mark Schaefer published a really interesting post about companies bringing marketing in-house. I’d recommend you give it a read as this post was adapted from the comments I made on his post (and his suggestion that my rambling was a blog post in its own right). This article was written from a consultant’s view […]

How Do You Consume The News?

There once was a time when your chose your sole news outlet. You’d be on one paper route, you’d have your favorite radio station, and you would watch your favorite news broadcast (mainly because you liked the weatherman on that channel). An interesting thing happened when the news became democratized, people quit believing the news. […]

The First Years In Public Relations

You just started. It is most likely that your title is “Intern.” But you are here, getting paid (hopefully) and working at a real life agency. Excitement is in the air, and you wake up every morning ready to get to it… even if it is Friday morning and you are still a little hung […]

Why Don’t Marketers And Entrepreneurs Get Along?

I mean, they are both opportunists. They both are compulsive problem solvers. The best of both strive for simplicity. Both are usually glued to their phone. Both are a little obsessed. And hell, both believe that they can get the job done before you. So why aren’t marketers and entrepreneurs the best of friends? And yes, […]

Channel The Big Fundamental

As a basketball fan, I was luckier than you. Tim Duncan was drafted by the Spurs when I was 10 years old. I grew up watching “The Big Fundamental” execute the crap out of every game and now he has the rings to show it. While the Spurs are exciting to watch, you rarely notice […]

Why Build a Website?

So there I was, staring at a screen full of HTML. My curiosity got me through the first three hours, but I still had five hours left of the work day. So, naturally, I started to change things, and went to see what happened on the live website. “Oops! That completely ruined the formatting, better […]

Should Brands Take A Summer Vacation?

Ah summertime, when living is easy… Except if you’re a brand trying to rise through the clutter knowing that your audience is consuming less media and outside playing more. I sometimes wonder, especially in an environment where budgets are extremely light, if it is worth brands considering closing up shop for the summer and then […]

If You “Cup Test” Me, I Won’t Work For You…

Recently Fast Company posted an interview with HubSpot’s David Cancel. Discussing the interviewing techniques that Cancel uses in interviews. The primary example was a leaving a cup on the table; seeing if at the end of the interview, the candidate would leave it, or throw the cup away. Well, I have some opinions to share […]

So What Exactly Is This Thing?

This is my lab. This is where I push my existing knowledge on content and writing to extremes. I experiment, I instigate, I argue. At the end of the day, if you are visiting this blog, you will find out a couple of things: I want you to stay around and come back again in […]