Should Brands Take A Summer Vacation?

Ah summertime, when living is easy...

Except if you're a brand trying to rise through the clutter knowing that your audience is consuming less media and outside playing more.

I sometimes wonder, especially in an environment where budgets are extremely light, if it is worth brands considering closing up shop for the summer and then getting back to it in the fall. Now to be clear, I know revenues need to be coming in at a constant clip to cover operations, but what I am talking about is more along the lines of cyclical promotion.

Do you need to be in front of your potential customers 24/7? Obviously there are certain scenarios where sales happen at a consistent page every month, but I believe most businesses have a peak season of some sorts. Why not consider doubling down on the peaks and cutting back during the valleys? It seems like during peak sales season your communications budget will yield more revenue per dollar spent.

Perhaps this could also be a way of offsetting the rigor of campaigns on those running them. If a team is churning around the clock all year, when is there an opportunity to stand back, rejuvenate, and breathe new life into strategies? I'm on the hunt for any companies experimenting with such plans; I will follow up if I come across any. If you know one, tell me about it in the comments section.

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