Why Are They Taking Marketing In-House?

Today Mark Schaefer published a really interesting post about companies bringing marketing in-house. I’d recommend you give it a read as this post was adapted from the comments I made on his post (and his suggestion that my rambling was a blog post in its own right). This article was written from a consultant’s view […]

The First Years In Public Relations

You just started. It is most likely that your title is “Intern.” But you are here, getting paid (hopefully) and working at a real life agency. Excitement is in the air, and you wake up every morning ready to get to it… even if it is Friday morning and you are still a little hung […]

Why Don’t Marketers And Entrepreneurs Get Along?

I mean, they are both opportunists. They both are compulsive problem solvers. The best of both strive for simplicity. Both are usually glued to their phone. Both are a little obsessed. And hell, both believe that they can get the job done before you. So why aren’t marketers and entrepreneurs the best of friends? And yes, […]

Why Build a Website?

So there I was, staring at a screen full of HTML. My curiosity got me through the first three hours, but I still had five hours left of the work day. So, naturally, I started to change things, and went to see what happened on the live website. “Oops! That completely ruined the formatting, better […]

Should Brands Take A Summer Vacation?

Ah summertime, when living is easy… Except if you’re a brand trying to rise through the clutter knowing that your audience is consuming less media and outside playing more. I sometimes wonder, especially in an environment where budgets are extremely light, if it is worth brands considering closing up shop for the summer and then […]

If You “Cup Test” Me, I Won’t Work For You…

Recently Fast Company posted an interview with HubSpot’s David Cancel. Discussing the interviewing techniques that Cancel uses in interviews. The primary example was a leaving a cup on the table; seeing if at the end of the interview, the candidate would leave it, or throw the cup away. Well, I have some opinions to share […]