If You “Cup Test” Me, I Won’t Work For You…

Blog Thumb 1Recently Fast Company posted an interview with HubSpot’s David Cancel. Discussing the interviewing techniques that Cancel uses in interviews.

The primary example was a leaving a cup on the table; seeing if at the end of the interview, the candidate would leave it, or throw the cup away.

Well, I have some opinions to share on that…

To me, that seems like a violation of trust. When I engage in an interview, I want to be as authentic, honest, and straightforward with you as possible. It doesn’t matter which side of the table I am on either.

So when something isn’t transparent about the interview, it just perpetuates a feeling of paranoia which will absolutely have to turn into a lack of trust. If the trust isn’t there, for an employer, what’s the use? No trust equals an employee who you probably cannot fully depend upon, and I don’t know about anyone that likes to work with the feeling that they are under a magnifying glass. But that’s what a lack of trust does.

Aside from trust and manipulation, the thing that really gets me is the absurdity involved with the logic at play. Whether an individual does or doesn’t do an action during the interview can be affected by several variables, almost all of which are not actual indicators of anything at all. It truly seems like a superstition than anything else.

It just seems there are other ways to understand someone that should be considered first.

Cancel could potentially draw some solid indicators from this test. However, it just seems like there are so many more opportunities to understand an individual that should be considered first. One that has always gotten me is the lack of computer skills testing for desk jobs. Why not see if an individual knows a vlookup formula before hiring? I think that could be a lot more telling that if they threw their cup of water away.

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