Why Build a Website?

So there I was, staring at a screen full of HTML. My curiosity got me through the first three hours, but I still had five hours left of the work day. So, naturally, I started to change things, and went to see what happened on the live website.

“Oops! That completely ruined the formatting, better go back”

“Hey, that one changed the menu!”

“Hmm… what did that change?”

As an intern with a nonprofit that needed help with their online footprint, I was asked if I could try to figure out how to update the text on their homepage. I had no idea what an FTP was, I couldn’t write HTML, and I definitely didn’t know how to use a CMS platform. But I stared at enough code, looked at the options within the host provider’s dashboard, and slowly began to update the website – one line of code at a time.

Ironically, when I got my first full-time job, I never touched the HTML of a website. And even now, if I work on a website project, my time is better purposed for other things rather than development. So, why did I build this website now?

Well, as a digital marketer, I need to know more than what I put to work. I need to learn skills that are on the peripheries of digital marketing.  I’m not an SEO expert, but I damn well better be able to know the difference between good optimization and bad. I probably won’t  ever do A/B testing for webpages, but if I did, I better know how to extract insights. And it isn’t just on the back-end that I need to learn.

I need to know content.

I need to explore new ways to show content and need to know what new forms of content are being invented. I also need to stay sharp with writing. Thinking through writing structures, persuasiveness, conciseness, and optimizing – those are the things that this enable me to do.

I may not revolutionize blog about digital marketing, but I will learn things, and hopefully through my experimenting, you either learn or teach me something too.

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